Dept. of Supramolecular Biology


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Philosophy of Department of Supramolecular Biology

As research on the human genome project advances, it has become possible to determine rapidly the structures of human proteins and the functions of different genes, as well as their interactions. To analyze such complicated phenomena in the life sciences at the atomic level will be a fundamental task for humans living in the 21st century. The fundamental principles we discover will be useful to our lives in many ways; for example, the causes of diseases can be discovered, and our physical health can be restored and prolonged. Because inherited genetic diseases can be ascribed to abnormal forms of genes and proteins, drugs targeting these can be rationally developed. Our understanding of molecular interactions in the body will help diagnose and prevent many diseases. Moreover, it will be possible to produce and utilize clean energy based on biological functions such as photosynthesis, bioluminescence and muscle- based motors.
In our department, we are establishing new methods of education and research which will promote comprehensive and strategic fundamental research in biosupramolecular systems, both at atomic and molecular levels. Recently, such basic research in biosupramolecules has advanced quickly, becoming more interdisciplinary and embracing other fields, especially engineering. Because of the interrelationships between science and technology, engineering is expected to become much more a part of basic scientific research. New findings in pure research now quickly lead to new technological developments. In other words, the development of technology provides a platform for fundamental research, which in turn drives new technology. This synergy of science and technology has created rapid advances in both areas.
We intend to offer research models that include practical education in cutting-edge technology. We are also promoting research and education in strategic areas, specifically with engineering, technological development and product design in mind. We will vigorously seek solutions to the difficult problems which humans will face in the 21st century.